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BUK Sprouted Burger Buns - sesame (4 pack)

BUK Sprouted Burger Buns - sesame (4 pack)
BUK Sprouted Burger Buns - sesame (4 pack)
BUK Sprouted Burger Buns - sesame (4 pack)
BUK Foods

BUK Sprouted Burger Buns - sesame (4 pack)

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1 Bun is approx 4" and 3.75 Ounces

Ingredients: sprouted organic buckwheat, filtered reverse osmosis water, organic flaxseed, organic date paste, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic cassava flour, organic raisin paste, yeast, cultured organic whole buckwheat, psyllium husks, sunflower lecithin, organic sesame seed, sea salt, vitamin C.

Online Orders | Bread Care, (10 days shelf life) (Due to variables in non-climate-controlled environments during shipping we reccomend the followng as best practices)

Ready to serve: (remove shrink wrap and store in pantry) Warm the bread before eating to soften bread and refridgerate bread after 3-4 days.

Refrigeration will preserve the bread longer (up to 2 weeks).
Freezing:  Store your excess bread or buns In Original Packaging (or in a freezer bag) until ready to consume, remove shrink wrap and thaw in refrigerator overnight (or at room temperature for 2 hours).

The Good Stuff: per bun

All-natural preservatives
Sprouted Whole Buckwheat flour
9 g* of Fiber (Good Source of Fiber, 18% DVI)
9 g* of Protein (Good Source of Protein, 10% DVI)
Rich in Vitamin C (100 mg*)
900 mg* Omega-3 Fatty Acids
1.0 g* Mono-unsaturated Fat
10 day Shelf Life***


    Our sesame bun is a great tasting gluten-free bun, uniquely made with sprouted whole buckwheat flour. It is specifically formulated to have less sugar and salt than most comparable gluten bread and considerably more protein than most gluten-free bread.  Net Weight: 15 oz, Servings: 4, Size: 3.75oz, See additional information and footnotes below.


    ***Shelf Life

    BUK Foods' gluten-free breads are formulated with natural ingredients to achieve a relatively longer shelf-life without artificial additives.
    (Shipping duration and climate conditions can adversely affect the bread shelf life and we recommend refrigeration of our bread products if not consuming it in a few days after you receive it) Overstock can be stored in the freezer and thawed overnight before consuming it.)

    Sugar Calories**:   

    BUK Burger Buns total calories come from sugars from whole fruit date paste and raisin paste and do not have added sugars.

    No Bad Stuff :

    Low in Saturated Fat (0.5g*)
    No Xanthan Gum or other strange gums or emulsifiers; No Dairy or Soy; No Nuts, Peanuts, or Wheat; No Artificial Preservatives;  No Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar, Molasses, or Fructose Syrups; 0g* Cholesterol; 0g* Trans Fat.

    Allergens Warning

    Processed in a facility that also processes Almonds.
    Contains Buckwheat.

    Important Nutritional Footnotes & Disclosures *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    * All amounts are for a single 107g BUN serving.

    **  Sugar Calorie Disclosure.

    Only 8.6 % of total calories per serving come from whole fruit sugars of raisin paste and date paste. (no added sugars)

    *** Additional Product Disclosures
    Fatty Acids.
    32% of the calories from our BUK Burger Buns- Gluten-Free  Buns are from Fat.  This percentage is "in-line" with the 35% target for fats implied by FDA 2018 nutritional guidelines for macronutrients.  BUK Foods believes that many of American's dietary issues with fats stem from the excessive consumption of the wrong types of fats - mainly (a) saturated fats (found mainly in animal fats and dairy) and (b) certain polyunsaturated fatty acids found in a high percentage "modern vegetable oils" that are commonly used.  Researcher suggests there is nothing inherently unhealthy about these polyunsaturated fats, provided they are balanced with other types of fatty acids.  That is why Buk Gluten-Free Breads are formulated to be "Low in Saturated Fats" as such term is used and regulated by the FDA and a combination of mono-unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids.  
    Analysis of Protein.
    14% of the calories in our BUK - Gluten-Free Buns are from proteins.  While this protein-calorie percentage is in-line with gluten wheat-based bread, our bun has twice the protein-calories percentage of Schars' Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread (a very popular GF bread) which has only 7% of its calories coming from protein.
    Consistent with FDA guidance, our gluten-free products contain less the 10 parts per million of gluten.
    FDA Regulated Food Claim.
    "Good source of" means that a serving will provide 10% or more of the FDA recommended daily amount of the referenced nutrient.